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Carel Willink, Paysage urbain, 1934

crow of the day

corvus corone cornix

Laurel and Hardy, “Tit For Tat”, 1935

Elliott Erwitt


Cruella De Vil, 1984

Pavo Cristatus, India by Sachin Somwanshi

under therapy

Sunday TV Movie Bill : Right of Way (1983) with Bette Davis & James Stewart

21st Century Tasseography : The ancient art of tea leaf reading

how our brain reacts to music

We often take music for granted. For example, the majority of American workers listen to music for most of the work day. Yet when you try to talk about what exactly music does to you, it’s hard to find the words. It seems mystical and abstract. 
But two recent scientific studies on how the brain reacts when it’s exposed to music suggest that there’s something fundamentally physical and spiritual going on — something a lot like one basic human instinct.

thinking 'bout age

"Act my age?
What is that “act my age”?
What do I care how old I am?
The Ocean is old as hell but
it will still drown you with vigor."

~ K & A Mop Bucket, 1954