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René Magritte : Les grandes espérances [Great expectations], 1940

To Be Or Not To Be (1942)

Lena Horne, Backstage at Chez Paree, Chicago, 1947 (Wayne Miller)

Nova Acta Physico-Medica, Academiae Caesareae Leopoldino-Carolinae Naturae Curiosum, Vol. 10, 1820-21

Two members of the Bertram Mills Circus walk head-to-head at Hammersmith Broadway in London, 1953

Tilda Swinton By Tim Walker

Josh Holcroft


Saturday Personal Obsession Bill : Dirigible (1931)

Stéphane Rosse


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Doggie Language

Fred in Paris

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bond24 Location details

from MI6 

Local press report that the citizens of Obertilliach were briefed by Bond 24's Austrian project coordinator this week. It was also the first time that they officially confirmed that it was the production of the 24th James Bond adventure for which the location was being prepared. It was revealed that 350 crew members would be staying in and around the village throughout 25 accommodation providers. Their equipment will be transported in and out of the village by 50 trucks. 

The residents were reassured that the production team have an agreement with the local government to leave the village as they found it. Shooting, it was explained, would be weather dependant but cameras should roll in the second week of January 2015. Some at the public meeting worried about the inconveniences hosting a big production would cause the residents whilst the 007 crew were on location. Many more agreed that it would be a big boost in publicity and popularity for the village and the wider region. 

The organisers also indicated what local press had been touting for some time: Bond will shoot at the ski resort of Sölden, about 150 miles north west of Obertilliach. 20 skidoos are being sourced for use by the crew to transport camera equipment. It is not yet clear if the skidoos will also be used on screen. Other reports indicated that a 400-strong crew would be arriving in Sölden as early as January 8th 2015. The Rettenbach glacier, one of the key winter sports attractions of Sölden, is expected to be closed (despite being peak season) whilst the crew utilise the location. 

The news firms up the likelihood that 007 will be on skis for the first time in the Craig era. 

Rome is expecting the arrival of Bond and his ever-reliable second unit stunts crew on 19th February 2015, and the crew will shoot through 'til 12th March. 

 Roads would be closed and the location would be the scene of a car chase. Reports now indicate that it will involve a Fiat 500 in a chase along the Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Lungo Tevere.

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a personal obsession

British Airship R33 preparing for launch, March 1919. Barlow, Yorkshire.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bond24 News : Christoph Waltz as Blofeld?

 "Christoph Waltz’s involvement in the new film – which has the working title ‘Bond 24’ – will be confirmed at a press conference to be held in the first week of December. 
Eon productions, which owns the James Bond film franchise, will announce the star is playing an unknown character called Franz Oberhauser, son of the late Hans Oberhauser, a ski instructor who acted as a father figure to Bond." "But senior sources believe the casting is a double bluff worthy of 007 himself and that Waltz is actually playing Blofeld. 
One Hollywood source, who asked not to be named, said: ‘Christoph Waltz is playing Blofeld in the next Bond film. The tone of the 007 films has changed significantly in recent years and the producers have changed the character to fit in with the new-look 007." 
from The Daily Mail



Mike Nichols with comedy partner Elaine May, c. 1960

70's tact

Steve McQueen visiting Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh on the set of Psycho.

Roger Moore as a knitwear model for the Stitchcraft magazine


"Mr. Grossman,… Then and Now," by Kim Deitch, 1968.




Sunday Northern Horror Cult Bill : Let The Right One In (2008)

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