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Billie Holiday. New York. 1955. (Herman Leonard)

The Saint Volvo P1800s

While most Volvo P1800s are well kept by their proud owners nowadays, the early Jensen-built white Volvo P1800 that carried the registration 71 DXC had a very hard life up until recently. 

After it's disposal by Pinewood studios, Roger Moore's sexy Swedish ride ended up in a field. 

Kevin Price found it on a farm in North Wales in< 1991 covered in brambles and nettles with the engine on the back seat. 

It took its actual owner six years of persuasion to sell it to Mr. Price in 1997, who spent another decade looking for all the parts and six years restoring the barely salvageable basket case with his team.

Wynn Bullock: Untitled (Light Abstraction), c.1930s

Frederick William Elwell, In a Bar (1943)

Weekend bill : The Omen (1976)

yes, I can surf!

100 years anniversary : Vinicius De Moraes